Raphaëlle-Anne Kok-Merlino Fund

Raphaëlle-Anne Kok-Merlino Fund

“There is no other way than your own way to follow”

The Raphaëlle-Anne Kok-Merlino Fund is set up in memory of Raphaëlle-Anne. Her passion for (scientific) archaeology and her love for Basilicata and Puglia was immense.

Raphaëlle-Anne was an enthusiastic researcher and highly experienced and passionate field archaeologist. Her professionalism and her infectious vitality and strength were exemplary and remain an inspiration for many.

In 2006, Raphaëlle-Anne won a grant from the Reiman-de Bas funds (managed by the Cultuurfonds) for her follow-up study of specialisation at the University of Matera (Scuola di Specializzazione in Archeologia, Università degli studi della Basilicata).

The Raphaëlle-Anne Kok-Merlino Fund supports scientific talent in the field of (Mediterranean) archaeology.

Do you support the fostering of archaeological talent? Then make a contribution to the Raphaëlle-Anne Kok-Merlino Fund. This can also be done anonymously.

The fund is managed by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, which also assesses the applications for a grant.

For more information about the fund, go to: www.cultuurfonds.nl/fonds/rakm-fonds


The financial support of young scientific talent in the field of (Mediterranean) archaeology for a follow-up study abroad or completing a research project that combines field archaeology with anthropological approaches. With attention given to (inter)cultural curiosity, for knowledge sharing and transmission of heritage.




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